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We do institutional and retail recoveries with
detailed research and analysis and help
organizations to maintain healthy books of accounts.

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Data Management, Analytics
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We do data management, data reseach, data analysis and automate the process

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Top Performing Collection Agency

You run a business and make money doing certain things exceptionally well—but collecting bills isn’t one of them. As a commercial and consumer collection agency ,we leverage Solution-Oriented Recovery to collect for clients ranging from startups and mom-and-pop shops to big banks, healthcare, telecommunication companies and retail giants—and we’d love to earn your business too!

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Consumer Collections
Healthcare Receivables Collections
Legal Collections
Commercial Collections

Debt Collection Services

  • ►Collection & Recovery of delinquent portfolios and receivables
  • ►Dispute resolution and escalation management
  • ►Expertise in various legal tools for recovery Viz. Sec 138, Civil Suit, DRT,SARFAESI
  • ►Experience in Skip tracing through online and offline tool
  • ►Mitigate risk and handle setbacks
  • ►Collection analytics and BI Reports
  • ►Analysis of historical data and provide suitable framework
  • ►Analysis of current environment & collection trends and provide improvement solutions

How to collabarate with us ?>

Step 1

Submit the unpaid invoice.

Step 2

We evaluate your case by scrutinising the evidence.

Step 3

We offer you to recover your debt.

Final Step:

You sign an engagement letter to instruct us

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Hospital and Corporate RecoveryServices

  • ►Recovery of old and ongoaing receivables
  • Claims follow-up: follow up with insurance companies to resolve any issues or denials and provide additional information or clarification as needed. communicating with insurance representatives, providing medical justifications, and appealing denials if necessary.
  • Negotiation and reimbursement: Negotiate with insurance companies to settle payment disputes and resolve any discrepancies in reimbursement amounts. We work for maximize the hospital's reimbursement by advocating for fair and appropriate payment based on the services provided
  • Denial management and appeals: If a claim is denied by an insurance company, we assess the denial reason, gather additional information, and file an appeal. They work to resolve the denials and secure payment for the hospital.
  • Coordination with healthcare providers: Hospital insurance recovery work often involves collaborating with various healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, and administrative staff. This collaboration ensures accurate documentation, appropriate coding, and effective communication to streamline the insurance recovery process

How to collabarate with us ?>

Step 1

Submit the unpaid claims details with related proofs and documents.

Step 2

We evaluate your case by scrutinising the evidence.

Step 3

We offer you to recover your outstanding claims.

Final Step:

You sign an engagement letter to instruct us

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Our Services

  • ►Data Management Services
  • ►MIS Services
  • ►Data Analytics Services
  • ►Reports Automation Services
  • Data Analytics and BI Solution

    • Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make conclusions about that information. Many of the techniques and processes of data analytics have been automated into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data for human consumption.
    • ►We help businesses to optimize their performances
    • ►We help in business decisions and analyze customer trends and Streamline operations with data visuliation reports
    • ►Analysis of historical data and provide suitable framework
    • ► Analysis of current environment & collection trends and provide improvement solutions
    • ►We use different types of Data Analytics types for data analysis, like

    How we analyse the data?

    Step 1

    Determine data requirement, how data is grouped.

    Step 2

    Collection of data from different sources.

    Step 3

    Data cleaning and organizing data for analysis

    Final Step:

    • We use different method to analyse data and provide customised Reports and BI Platforms
      1. ● Descriptive analytics - describes what has happened over a given period of time
      2. ● Diagnostic analytics - focuses more on why something happened
      3. ● Predictive analytics - moves to what is likely going to happen in the near term
      4. ● Prescriptive analytics - suggests a course of action

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About Promoters business growth

We would like to introduce ourselves as a set of enthusiastic and energetic individuals with a rich experience in the field of Banking and Finance and ITES . We believe in ourselves and are confident in effectively managing the bad debts/delinquent portfolios of Hospitals, Banks, NBFC etc..

Rocklin S has 14 years of experience in collection with India’s leading Banks and Fintech Startups. 

Sandy has 15 years of experience in Business Analytics, Data Science Software Project Management in Engineering Services, Banking and Insurance domain.

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Who we are

Get to know about Our Company

Debt Management Service, Registered as M/s Nessa Services is a partnership firm of Mr. R P Swaroop and Mr. Stanley Nilugal, since Mar-2nd 2021 . We started to serve  Hospitals & Medical Institutions, helping them to recover their bad debts and keep WC floating. Aspiring to venture into diverse industries and help them keep their books healthy. We have the necessary infrastructure and a vast experience for various portfolios and information on the demography of entire Karnataka. In today’s fast developing markets, the role of a channel partner like ours is fast changing, we provide a vital link between the service provider and the customer.


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